• Bachelor of Economics at National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • ‣ Educator Since 2016
  • ‣ Coached over 100 students
  • 90% A/B among past students at O/A Levels
  • A1 for A/E Maths at OLevels
  • Distinction for H2 Maths/Economics at ALevels
Teaching Philosophy

Being an educator since 2016 has allowed me to be exposed to students with a spectrum learning aptitudes - and that no one method suits all. Students of similar caliber will be grouped and this has proven to be effective given the significant improvement my past batches had shown.

Having access to the materials from a wide array of top schools, I have the upper hand of being able to fine-tune my materials that work best for my students. I truly believe in ensuring a strong mathematical and economical foundation among my students. I often relate theoretical concepts learned in textbooks to real-life situations around us. I believe in cultivating an understanding among my students that extends beyond the curriculum.